Broken Glass And Insurance – Am I Covered?

Unfortunately, glass can often break at the most inconvenient of times. From a football hitting a glass door to a criminal smashing a household window, broken glass can be costly to repair and replace. If the glass has been shattered on your property or broken on an object that belongs to you, you may be wondering about broken glass and insurance, particularly if your insurance covers broken glass.

Broken Glass And Insurance

The good news is, many insurance companies include glass coverage as an option for insurance policies. In the event of glass breaking, providing your home or commercial property is insured for glass breakage, your insurance provider will be responsible for paying for the damaged, shattered or broken glass to be replaced.

If you are planning on installing specialist glass on your property, such as UV-resistant or safety glass, it is wise to upgrade or check your insurance policy before the installation to ensure your policy covers glass breakage.

How To Check If You Are Covered

The easiest way to check if your commercial or domestic insurance policy covers glass breakage is to contact your insurance provider and ask them to explain what coverage you currently have. Unforeseeable occurrences, such as storms and human accidents are typically covered by your insurer, and you will not necessarily need to upgrade a policy.

How To Make An Insurance Claim For Broken Glass

1. Take note of the incident

Immediately after glass has broken, jot down the cause of the breakage and any other information that may be useful to your insurance company, such as who or what caused the breakage. It is useful to note down this information as soon as possible to ensure you don’t forget any details when making an insurance claim.

2. Choose a reputable broken glass repair and replacement company

Before you contact your insurance company, select a reliable glass repair business that will be able to bill your insurance company directly. If your repair is urgent, you should ensure the company provides 24-hour emergency response times and can be contacted 24/7.

3. Contact your insurance company

Contact your insurance provider and make a claim. Once your claim has been made, you should be issued a claim number.

4. Book a glass repair

Get in touch with your chosen glass repair and replacement company and provide them with your claim number.

5. Complete the claim

Once the glass team arrives and successfully repairs or replaces your glass, you will be able to complete a claim form and simply need to provide details about your insurance.

At ASAP Glass, we are expert glaziers based on the Gold Coast. We are proud to provide our clients with glass window repair and replacement services and can directly bill insurance companies on behalf of our clients. To learn more about the emergency glass repair services we provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.