Can You Repair or Replace Cracked Glass Furniture?

Glass furniture can add an elegant, simple, or even modern vibe to your home, and can help your space feel more expansive and open. If you’re considering adding glass furniture to your home, or have existing pieces, you might wonder how best to keep it in one piece and what to do if it’s damaged. In some instances, you might be able to repair the furniture, while in others you will have to arrange a replacement. Read on to learn more about how a professional glazier could help restore your damaged glass furniture to as good as new.


Should I repair or replace my glass furniture?

A glass with wide crack in Gold Coast

If your glass furniture is cracked or chipped, it may be repairable – but this will largely depend on the size and placement of the damage, the meaning of the piece, and whether it’s tinted or frosted.

If the crack or chip is smaller than your palm, or not located in a central or obvious area of the piece of furniture, repairs are possible.

If there’s significant damage to your furniture, it’s not worth organising a repair. A completely shattered pane of glass should be replaced – you’ll save time and money. This is also true if the damage is prominent or noticeable, as a repair might not be able to conceal the fact that damage has occurred in the first place.

The sentimentality of your piece might also impact your choice. You might opt to simply repair a piece of furniture or décor as it’s belonged to your family for generations.

Additionally, tinting or frosting on the glass will affect repairs or replacements. If your glass is tinted or frosted, repairs will most likely be more difficult to conceal, so you may be better off replacing the whole piece of glass.

How can I prevent damage to my glass furniture?

Using a glass protectant is a great way of preserving your furniture. Glass protectant prevents hard water staining, and shields your glass from dust, dirt and scratching. A glass cleaner might come in handy to keep your glass free from streaks too.

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