Crimsafe: Everything You Need To Know

Crimsafe is fast becoming the leading name in home security, and at ASAP Glass, we’re proud to be licensed to offer this fantastic range of Australian products.

What is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe has been producing top-quality security products for over 20 years. They supply security screens that have the twin benefits of Tensile-Tuff mesh and their unique screw clamp system – this combination provides protection against intruders and the increasing risks from climate change, such as bushfires and extreme weather. Crimsafe also works hard to keep all those little mossies and annoying insects at bay, so you have peace of mind and protection from intruders of all sizes.

Why does Crimsafe work so well?

The combination of screw clamp tech and Tensile-Tuff means superior impact resistance. The superior strength mesh is secured directly to the frame and clamped to create an incredibly strong grip. The result is a screen that’s very strong and goes well beyond Australian industry standards for impact and shear testing.

A recent study by the NSW School of Aerospace and Civil and Mechanical Engineering tested the performance of Crimsafe. Through a series of rigorous tests, they found that Crimsafe delivers 12 times more impact resistance than many other systems on the market.

How safe is Crimsafe?

Testing shows that Crimsafe is one of the leaders in its field, delivering up to 12 times the level of impact resistance offered by competitors. Crimsafe security doors and windows are one of the strongest security screen products on the market today.

Why choose Crimsafe?

As well as offering superior levels of security, Crimsafe offers numerous other benefits:

  1. Tensile-Tuff mesh means high visibility, so you don’t have to endure that “locked away” feeling that can result from lower-quality screens.
  2. Crimsafe’s special Tensile-Tuff mesh offers superior airflow for maximum comfort in your home
  3. Crimsafe offers special solutions for coastal dwellers – the saltwater series comes as standard, and Santoprene insulation combines with a unique Teflon gel to minimise contact between metals to keep the risk of rust right down.
  4. Crimsafe looks great – Some security screens can be less than pleasing to the eye, but Crimsafe is designed with your home in mind. We offer a range of colours to complement and enhance your home and can even provide custom powder coating.
  5. Crimsafe is a great way to improve your home’s saleability. As well as creating a home that feels secure and safe for you and your family, installing Crimsafe makes a great selling point if you ever want to move.

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To find out more about Crimsafe Security Products, get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 734 584. We will help you out with any more information you need about this great product.