Glass Repair Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions about glass replacement and broken glass repairs.  The most common enquires are listed here to offer helpful glazing advice.  If you have a question not included in the FAQs section, please call us to learn the facts about glass pane replacement.  We are always happy to help you.

Can glass scratches be removed?

Glassmaking starts by melting sand, soda ash and lime together in large furnaces at high temperatures.  When the liquid cools, it becomes glass.  If the surface becomes scratched, it may be possible to repair it.

Shallow surface scratches are easy to remedy.  However, fixing deep scratches that have penetrated the glass surface is impossible.  The glass would need to be returned to its liquid state which is not an option.  New replacement glass must be fitted.

Is it possible to patch glass?

Glass is shaped and formed in a liquid state. Usually, damaged glass cannot be patched and glass replacement is the only option.  However, if the damage is only a tiny stone chipped surface, there is a procedure to repair it.

Why do I need to buy safety glass?

Australian Standards AS1288 2006 and AS 1288-94 require that safety glass must be installed in locations where accidents are known to occur at greater frequency.  Outdoor and indoor glass, doors with glass side panels, bathroom shower screens and low-level glass must be fitted with safety glass due to risk of human impact.  In these and other areas, safety glass is installed because it breaks safely on impact.

Why do the Australian Standards change for original glass replacement?

The Australian Standard that applies to glass manufactured and installed in a new structure differs from the standard for glass replacement.  When original glass panes are replaced in locations where accidents are known to occur at greater frequency, it is mandatory for safety glass to be installed.

Can you cut toughened glass?

Toughened glass, sometimes referred to as tempered glass, is heated in a furnace and cooled quickly to harden it.  Once the process is complete, the glass cannot be cut even using a diamond blade.  However, it is possible to polish the glass surface to a depth of 3mm in the absence of cut outs.

Can you replace a glass panel after the installation of an air conditioner?

The installation of a window air conditioner requires removal of the glass panel.  It is possible to custom cut a glass sheet to neatly fit around it.  Care must be taken not to damage the new glass panel when you reinstall the air conditioner.

Why does toughened glass sometimes explode?

The process of manufacturing toughened or tempered glass creates internal stresses to give the glass strength.  Small internal defects resulting from impurities and external defects caused by microscopic scratches, chipping, expansion due to sunlight and other factors can make toughened glass fracture at any time.

How do I measure my window without a ruler or tape measure?

If a ruler or tape measure is not handy, use an A4 Piece of paper directory to approximate the size of a door or window glass panel.

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