How Crimsafe Has Protected Countless Gold Coast Properties

For domestic & commercial properties on the Gold Coast, Crimsafe is ideal

When thinking of home or business security, people think more about alarms and such. Although windows and doors that are made of glass can be fitted with security screens, they basically don’t seem to be given much thought.

People accept that they are vulnerable parts of any premises. Fortunately, someone has thought about this problem and come up with Crimsafe glass. It’s not bulletproof or unbreakable, but it will deter and prevent criminals from breaking into your home or business premises.

It’s the affordable alternate it to steel shutters. Let’s face it, we all want security and to feel safe, but we don’t want to live in a fortress. We want to be able to look outside and let in sunlight where we live or work.

Installing Crimsafe in the Gold Coast area is the best alternative you can find. For that reason, we at A.S.A.P Glass would like to let you know how crimsafe has protected countless Gold Coast properties.

Why is Crimsafe so good?

What makes Crimsafe the best window and door security screens, is the mesh that is fitted to them. Although the width of the mesh is slightly wider than conventional screens, it is much tougher and applying it to doors and windows with a unique kind of screw and clamping method means that it can’t be removed.

The mesh is manufactured to spread the force of any strike so that the impact isn’t concentrated on one small area and therefore loses it force.  So, if you are looking for extra protection for your house, office, or workshop, it is worth checking out Crimsafe.

The Extra Virtues of Crimsafe Glass are:

  • They can resist wind gusts of up to 392 kpm.
  • They are also resistant to cyclone blown debris.
  • They won’t easily shatter in the event of bushfires.

Uses of Crimsafe

  • Shopfronts
  • Display cases
  • Pool guards
  • Security doors & windows
  • Emergency exits
  • Patio and other outdoor structures.

Contact Us For All Your Crimsafe Installation Needs

When you are thinking of repairing or replacing any glass doors or window, do yourself a favour and think of installing Crimsafe on the Gold Coast. We at A.S.A.P Glass are more than willing to explain the benefits of this type of home protection. Contact us for more information.