Glass Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims Welcome for Glass Repairs

Replacement glass can be costly for specialty sheets such as safety, UV-resistant or double paned glass.  Our trained glaziers and staff are happy to help you with insurance claims for any glass pane replacement.

Many insurance companies offer glass coverage as an option on a customer’s existing policy.  If your home or commercial building is insured for glass breakage, the insurance policy pays for the replacement of damaged or broken glass.

For your convenience, we direct bill your insurance company.  Simply follow these easy steps…

  •     When lodging the insurance claim, obtain a claim number
  •     Give us the claim number when booking glass repairs
  •     When we arrive, complete a claim form with your insurance information
  •     Tell us the excess amount that we may be able to part-pay for you

Make sure you have obtained a claim number to process your form and collect any excess without delay.

Insurance Claim Form

Download a copy of our INSURANCE CLAIM FORM:

Download for Queensland

ASAP Glass Public and Products Insurance Policies

       Queensland Head Office

  •     Insured Name                 ASAP Glass Pty Ltd
  •     Insurance Company      CGU Insurance
  •     Class of Insurance          Business Insurance
  •     Policy Number                15T2860638
  •     Interest Insured               Public and Products Liabilities Insurance
  •     Amount Insured              $20,000,000
  •     Work Cover Policy          WNA 030437136

License Details

    •     QBCC License No. 1046084
    •     QBCC License Supervisor No. 1046378
    •     QBCC License Trade Contractor
    •     Master Builders License No. 28794
    •     GAAQ Member No. 25221

Public Liability

Download a copy of our PUBLIC LIABILITY:

Work Cover

Download a copy of our WORK COVER: