Kids Corner

Hey, Kids.  Want to have some fun and learn about glass safety, too?  Captain Cactus loves to have fun as much as you do.  But he knows that sometimes you might hurt yourself or a mate if you’re not careful when playing near glass doors, windows and pool fences.

Captain Cactus is really smart.  He has learned everything there is to know about keeping his friends safe around glass, especially broken glass.  He wants you to be his friend and teach you about glass safety, too.

He has drawn some cartoons just for you to make it fun.

Can you think of other ways to play near glass without getting hurt?

Captain Cactus and his mates at ASAP Glass need your help to make sure everyone knows about glass safety.  Get some coloured pencils, markers or crayons and draw your own cartoons.  If your work is really good, we may just put it on this page for everybody to see!  Ask your mum to send the cartoons to your friends at ASAP Glass and start helping others to learn about glass safety.

Captain Cactus wants to share some really cool puzzles, mazes and other things he knows you will enjoy.  Do you know how to solve the different puzzles?  . Can you find your way through the maze?  It’s not easy, but Captain Cactus knows you can do it.  See how you go!

Competition Winners

​Congratulations to our Australia Day Giveaway Winner. Ailsa and her little girl visited our factory to collect the prize pack.
We hope everyone had a fantastic Australia Day and if your glass is cactus call 1300 734 584 (24hrs / 7 days)