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As expert Brisbane and Gold Coast glaziers, we are proud of our excellent reputation earned by installing quality replacement glass at a fair price. We listen and learn from our customers, recommending options that match their needs and budget for window repairs, door glass replacement, general glass repairs and upgrades.  Check out our complete product range.

Glass products we recommend and install satisfy a particular purpose.  To choose the glass that’s right for you, we offer several options for glass pane replacements and upgrades.


Glass Pane Options

Float Glass

Float glass is the most commonly used glass product that is installed in windows around Australia. The glass is produced by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin at high temperatures. The process creates uniform sheet thickness and very flat surfaces.

Breakage creates jagged slithers of glass that flies out or remains precariously intact depending on the impact strength. Removal of shattered pieces is usually difficult and dangerous.

Safety Glass Products Accident prevention requires the installation of Grade A – Toughened or Laminated Safety Glass certified to Australian Standards:

•    AS 1288:2006      Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation

•    AS/NZS 2208      1996 Safety Glazing Materials in BuildingsToughened Glass – Grade A

The sheet product has 5 times ordinary glass strength of the same thickness.  It is impact resistant and allows large, clear spans with minimal fixing.  Breakage creates small and relatively harmless particles reducing the risk of injury.  Use sheets where strength, safety or resistance to temperature fluctuations is required. Laminated Safety Glass – Grade A

Two or more panels of float or tempered safety glass are fused together under heat and pressure with one or more interlayers, usually PVC.  On impact, it flexes to lessen the severity of physical injury.  Broken glass remains intact, acts as a weather barrier and provides partial visibility.


Tinted Float Glass

A grey, green or blue tint enhances float glass by adding a colourant during the manufacturing process. The pleasing result is also functional because it reduces the sun’s direct heat 30 – 50% more than regular clear glass.

Colouring Styles

Obscure Glass Styles

These styles are available in float, toughened and limited laminate glass.  The photo examples below are courtesy of a national glass website.

Glass services for tabletops & more

ASAP Glass provides a complete suite of glass services for glass tabletops. When it comes to finding the perfect table, a glass-topped option is a great choice. Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, glass-topped tables are beautiful to look at as well as being tough, immune to spills and straightforward to clean. From a complete replacement through to the removal of scratches and dents, we are able to complete almost any tabletop repair. ASAP Glass is the glass tabletop repairer of choice for customers across Nerang and beyond.


Glass tabletop replacement

In some cases, it may not be possible to repair the tabletop, perhaps because it’s too badly damaged. In these circumstances, we can provide a suitable replacement. We stock a number of different glass products, which means we can usually match the specification of the original glass.

Where clients want to give their glass-top table a new lease of life, we can replace the old glass with something new and fresh. If you want a tinted glass or are considering a different shape of tabletop, we can create just what you’re looking for. ASAP Glass provides a customised service: show us your tabletop and we’ll be able to create a replacement that fits your existing frame perfectly.


Why use us for your glass products?

Extensive knowledge of glass products

Each member of our team is fully trained and experienced. We have a good understanding of the regulations surrounding glass usage. This means that we will only ever fit glass that is safe for use on your windows, doors and tabletops.

Prompt, friendly service

We are proud to service the Gold Coast and Brisbane suburbs, offering a fast, courteous, and obliging service to every customer.

Custom work

Our aim is to ensure that every customer ends up with a glass tabletop that’s exactly what they’re looking for. We are able to repair or replace almost any type of glass tabletop. From dining tables through to patio tables, coffee tables, conservatory tables, picnic tables, and more, our team has the skills to get the job done.


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