What Are The Signs Of Double Glazing Failure?

If you’re moving into a new Gold Coast or Brisbane home, or think your existing double-glazed windows might have an issue, it’s important you investigate for signs of double-glazing failure. What should you be looking out for? We’ve put together this helpful blog with everything you need to know.

A Professional Double Glazing Replacement

Lifespan of double glazed windows

Double glazing generally lasts between 20 and 35 years, sometimes a little longer. Keeping them lasting as long as they can depend on proper installation and maintenance. When you choose an installer, make sure you choose a company that has a good reputation for professionalism and quality. Once your windows are installed, keep an eye out for the following signs your double glazing might be on the way out.

Signs of double glazing failure

If your double glazing is failing or has deteriorated, you’ll likely notice the following signs:

  • Condensation: This tends to form on glass in the cooler months. You might worry that it’s a sign something’s wrong, but condensation isn’t usually a reason for concern as long as it’s not within the glass itself. If you notice condensation within the double-glazed unit, most likely the seal has broken or is leaking and it’s time for a replacement.
  • Leaks: If you notice water leaking through your windows, the weather seals may have failed or debris might be blocking the drainage area. Cleaning your drainage section might help, or you may need to replace your seals. Sometimes the sealant between the frame and aperture can deteriorate – this is more serious, and requires an inspection from a double glazing specialist.
  • Scratches, chips and cracks: Even with the most careful maintenance, sometimes glass can just become cracked, chipped or scratched. Scratches that aren’t too deep may be able to be buffed out, but cracks and chips are a bit more problematic. A shallow chip might not cause problems, but if chips or cracks enter the frame of the glass you might find yourself facing condensation, draughts, or decreased energy efficiency. If you have a deep crack or chip, a replacement window might be needed.
  • Draughts: Draughts can be inconvenient and distracting, and may indicate a double glazing issue, such as a failed seal. Identify the location of the draught by feeling the brickwork where it joins the window frame – if you feel any draught, your sealant may have failed. If you don’t feel anything, the draught may be coming from between the glass frame, indicating a potential failure of your weather seal.

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