What is the difference between Crimsafe and Invisi-Gard?

Here at ASAP Glass, we specialise in high-quality security windows and more. If you are wondering about the differences between Crimsafe and Invisi-Gard security doors and windows, you came to the right place to find out why. This article will help you make an informed decision when purchasing security screen doors or windows for your home.

What is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe is a leading security screen company in Australia that manufactures security screens, doors and outdoor enclosures for your home that are secure and safe so that you feel protected. With products designed to prevent the entry of an external intruder, Crimsafe is made up of incredibly strong stainless steel mesh that is durable and long-lasting.

What is Invisi-Gard?

Invisi-Gard is another form of security stainless steel mesh that can be used to make security doors, screens and windows. Known for its corrosion resistance, this stainless steel mesh is also designed to prevent external intrusion into your home and make you feel secure and comfortable at all times.

What are the advantages of Crimsafe?

  1. Extensive testing of security

Crimsafe products have been extensively tested by industry professionals to ensure that they fulfil a high-security, professional standard.

2. Innovative technology

One of the most notable innovative features of Crimsafe is its unique Screw-Clamp technology that strongly adheres the mesh into the doorframe to maximise its strength and durability against impact.

3. Wide-ranging protection

Designed for maximum protection and security, Crimsafe is also manufactured to protect against extreme weather conditions, including hail, cyclone debris and even bushfires that are becoming an increasing concern across Australia. With Crimsafe, you can rest assured that your windows and doors will be securely protected against damage and breakage thanks to its innovative and advanced technology.

4. Insect blocker

Another huge advantage for those living in Australia is the way that Crimsafe products prevent insects and pests from entering your home – no matter their size, they will not get past your Crimsafe doors, screens or windows.


5. Aesthetic appeal

Crimsafe products are manufactured with a Santoprene frame bead that works to prevent any dirt, dust, or grime from building up and making the screen/door/window look dirty around the edges. There are many colours available to ensure that your Crimsafe matches or complements your home aesthetic. The following colours are readily available: black, woodland grey, pearl white, primrose, deep ocean blue and many others.

At ASAP Glass, we are proud to be an authorised licensee of Crimsafe products to ensure that our clients across the Gold Coast have access to excellent, state-of-the-art security screens, doors, and windows that boost security and protect their homes.

You can rely on Crimsafe’s innovative technologies and careful manufacture when purchasing security mesh, and you can be assured that they are the leading, must-have security product above all competitors. If you are wondering how Crimsafe protected countless Gold Coast properties, read our latest article.

If you would like more information about our partnership with Crimsafe and our range of products available, you can contact one of our team members who can arrange a quote for you. Our products and services are available across the Gold Coast.