What’s Involved in Emergency Glass Repair?

Everyone probably needs emergency glass repair at least once in their lifetime. Whether your windows were broken due to impact or you had an accident and broke a glass door in your home, the experts at A.S.A.P. Glass can help you get things fixed. Broken glass is dangerous and can lead to serious injuries and further damage to your home so it’s vital to have it repaired right away. Here’s how it works.

Survey the Glass Damage

The first step in emergency glass repair is to assess the damage to determine what needs to be done to fix it. In many cases, the broken glass can be repaired at the same time and won’t take too long to take care of. Once the damage is surveyed, a plan can be made to make repairs.

Temporary Measures

If the glass can’t be fixed immediately, the window or door will be boarded up temporarily until replacement glass can be found and installed. If the broken piece is a table or similar item, it may need to be removed from your home until it can be fixed, for safety reasons.

Clean Up Broken Glass

One of the most important steps in emergency glass repair is cleaning up. Our experts will safely remove all broken glass and secure the area so that no one is hurt. Broken glass can lead to serious injuries so it’s important that this step is done properly, which is why calling the professionals is always a better idea than trying to do it yourself.

Plan and Design Glass Replacement

Once cleanup is done and the area is secure, our glaziers will measure and plan for the new glass that will be installed. Our professionals take into account any glass codes that exist in your area and will ensure that the job is done properly and safely and won’t break any guidelines in place.

Glass Installation

Installing the new glass is the final step in the emergency glass repair process. The new glass will be placed in the window or door frame or to repair other glass items in your home. It will be properly secured and sealed so that it’s safe and meets code. Because this process needs to be done correctly, it’s better to let a professional do it for you, rather than trying to get it done yourself.

When you need emergency glass repair on the Gold Coast, call us on 1300 734 584. We’ll get to you as quickly as we can.