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If your windows are starting to look worn, damaged, or don’t work like they used to, it may be time to consider replacing them with new windows. At ASAP glass, we offer quality glazier services on the Gold Coast. 

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Is it time for a replacement?

If you have noticed that your windows aren’t working like they used to, you may be tempted to do minor repairs to fix them. Although newly fitted windows should last for at least 20 years, if they are old or you don’t know when they were fitted, it may be more energy-efficient to replace them. 

Benefits of replacing windows

Although it may be tempting to make simple repairs to your windows (and save money), it can actually be more expensive to NOT to replace your windows. Here are some reasons why you should think about replacing your windows.

Reduced heating bills

According to, drafty windows can cause your energy bill to be 10-25% higher than it should be. Replacing the windows in your home is, by far, the most cost-effective ways to insulate your home. So, if the initial cost of replacement is worrying you, try and look at the bigger picture; you could be saving thousands of dollars in the long run.

Makes your home safer

The safety of you and your family should be at the top of your list when it comes to your home. However, old windows are much less safe than new ones. Replacement windows are a great way to make your home safer. New windows will ensure that all parts of your house are lockable, and double glazed windows are more durable and more tricky to break into.

Window replacement services Gold Coast

If you have read through this list and decided that window replacement is the right option for you, make sure you contact ASAP Glass today to see how they can help you replace your old windows quickly and at an affordable price.

Request a quote online or call us on 1300 734 584. 

Signs your windows need replacing

There are several things that can signify that it’s time to replace your windows, such as:

  • Your windows are incredibly draughty
  • There is noticeable damage, such as broken seals or cracked frames
  • Your window is not functioning like it used to, e.g. it won’t lock or shut properly
  • There is condensation on the inside of the windows
  • Your energy bills are high